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Hello, and welcome to Dreamative, a blog where creativity flows, and everyone is welcomed. On this site, you can learn different DIY Crafts, Tutorials, Reviews and much, much more! It’s Fashionable, Creative and Fun! Imagine a blog full of creativity, with a variety of entertaining topics, fashion, arts and crafts and endless fun? Well, you just clicked on it! 😉

Let me start by introducing myself- Hi.  I go by my pen name, Shadow Sparkle. Who am I? Well, I’m a creative and ambitious girl who loved all things art, fashion and baking. I’m also an extreme Harry Potter fan. I’m also very private, and another fact about me is that I love art, and I don’t mean just drawing, I love acting, dancing and singing as well.  If you want to know more about me, visit the About Shadow Sparkle page, and Shadow answers a few questions. And, if THAT isn’t enough, you can email me at shadowsparkle1@gmail.com, and we can have a whole conversation about me, myself and I. 🙂

I created this blog on April 14, 2014, because I wanted to share tips ‘n tricks, and my creativity with others, because I had been bottling it up, thinking of ways I could share it with others.

I put a lot of hard work in this blog, and I’m very proud of it, as it has gone international, which means more people have learned from it, and more people enjoy it.

You can help out too! Please be sure to:

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Travel Essentials

Hello everyone! So I’m a frequent flyer, in fact, I even write little diary posts on this blog about my travels. Recently I visited Turkey, and it was beautiful. Before that I visited 2 or 3 other countries, that I did not publish on this blog, and I didn’t publish anything about my days in Turkey, as I just didn’t feel like it. I wanted to relax, you know?

Today I will be posting about my Travel Essentials for traveling. And I’m not talking basics- like outfits, and shoes and blah blah blah.


I always take a small purse or a small bag pack to the airport to carry little things that I absolutely NEED, especially if it’s a long flight.

:: Contents ::

  • Gum
  • Headphones
  • iPhone
  • A book or two
  • Sleeping Mask
  • Wallet
  • Tickets, passport, etc.
  • Small snack
  • Tissues
  • Pen
  • A small journal. I always write about my trip, because it’s just really exciting to read it after.
  • Mirror
  • Small Hairbrush/ Hair ties
  • Portable Charger

That’s quite a lot, but JUST IN CASE, you NEED them.

That’s all for today, thank you for reading, and you can check out my traveling diaries series right here:

  » Traveling Diaries

  » Atlantis, The Palm

  » Paris, France

Shadow Sparkle ♣

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Nutella Cake in 2 minutes

Hey, so it’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been so busy with school, and it’s the time of the year when most bloggers just quit posting or take a break, but I don’t want to do that, because I made a commitment, and I love blogging, and I know if you take breaks or shortcuts, it’s much harder to get back up. On a completely unrelated- but still very important note- it’s raining. It’s raining so hard, but the sound is so… relaxing. I’m sitting at my desk by the window, experiencing the soft cold wind, the beautiful rain smell, and the relaxing sound.

Anyways, so today I wanted to whip up a quick desert, and there’s this recipe I found that I wanted to try out, but I couldn’t at that time because one of the main ingredients was missing. Today I bought that main ingredient- nutella. So are you ready for something that’s basically going to be your breakfast/lunch/dinner from now on? You’re going to love it so much. So. Much. So much, that senpai will notice it. Senpai won’t notice YOU, but they will most definitely notice recipe. Sorry, but that’s just how it works. Okay? Okay.

Now you probably know the many, many, many, many, many ways you can enjoy Nutella. On a cracker, in a sandwich- or even just with a spoon. But think of something greater. Something that can change history. NUTELLA CAKE. In 2 minutes. Yes. Are you ready? Okay-



4 tablespoons self-rising flour

4 tablespoons sugar

1 egg

3 tablespoons cocoa powder

3 tablespoons Nutella

3 tablespoons milk

3 tablespoons vegetable oil


  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Pour ingredients in the largest mug you own.
  3. Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes (Depends on what microwave you have)
  4. When it’s finished and has cooled down a bit, add an extra dump of nutella on it, and then whipped cream.

Tell me if you try it out!

Enjoy this delicious and quick dessert!

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Life Hacks w/ Sunshine *Spoof*

hi everywun
wats up im shadows frend , sunshine
today u learn gud stuff
then u go to harvard
and youre mother so proud she buy you candy
so first u need to master being nice to urself
u see a fire on house
and you have water in your hand?
drink the water. stay hydrated.
also dont try to step in others shoes its gross
u will get toe fungus
and ur grandkids wont give foot massage anymore
do u want that
y u want ugly deformed feet?
thnx for reading hoped u learned something
this has been life lessons w/ sunshine
P.S. There is no one named Sunshine, and in case you were gullible enough to believe this, it’s just a joke post. Thanks for reading!

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Tutorial Tuesday- Button Bookmarks

button bookmarks


Hello, everyone! Sorry for not posting last week, I’ve had quite a lot of schoolwork lately, anyways, welcome to our first Tutorial Tuesday. Now our library passes out these boring, ugly, plain bookmarks whenever you check out a book. Bookmarks are important, not just for reading, also for notes, and blah, blah. Let’s refer to them as place holders, and they have to be more stable then just sticky-notes.

You will need:

  • hot glue
  • felt
  • fancy buttons (flower shaped, heart shaped, etc.)
  • paperclips (colored or silver)


  • Simply hot glue your paperclip to the back of your button (ask for assistance if needed)
  • Cute a small piece of felt to go on top
  • The felt will keep the glue sealed in and leave a smooth finish.
  • And there you go.

These make great gifts, and you can get creative with all the different tips of buttons and matches you can make. Just slip them onto a card, and voila!

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Your Guide to Survive School

Hello! Here I am today, ready to start my first post since I updated my blog. If you haven’t checked out/noticed all of them out, here’s what I changed:

  • I updated my widget bar.
  • I updated the sticky-post titled “Welcome.”
  • On the sidebar, you can see I updated my mini-about section, and my Mini Twitter
  • Cleared up the pages, added and deleted and such.
  • I want to start this new thing where I review blogs, so if you would like your blog to be reviews, please comment below your name (the name you go by on your blog), your blog’s name and of course, your blog’s URL.
  • My blog felt empty nameless, so I named it Dreamative, the combination of ‘Dream’ and ‘Creative’.
  • New background, header, etc.
  • Will give MORE effort to edit my posts, because, well, you know.

ησω, ι’м gσιηg тσ вє ρσѕтιηg тυтσяιαℓѕ ση тυєѕ∂αу, вυт уσυ ¢αη єχρє¢т α яєgυℓαя ρσѕт αηу ∂αу σƒ тнє ωєєк.


So it’s a few weeks into school already, and we all know how difficult it is to get used to being around…people, after a gorgeous month in bed with your computer. Ugh. So today, I’m going to be sharing a few life cheats. This is the ultimate guide to surviving school. I’m going to put together some outfits and show you them, show you accessories, hair and of course, Tips ‘n Tricks AND hilarious comebacks! Bonus: 6 ways to annoy your teacher.

Tips ‘n Tricks

  1. Remember where you parked: Take a photo of closest parking sign to where you parked so you won’t forget the location.
  2. If you get brain freeze from eating something cold too quickly, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth as hard as you can
  3. Shoes too small? Put on 3 pairs of socks, put the shoes on, then blow-dry for 10 minutes. They’ll fit perfectly. Ohmygod, this is so… wow.
  4. Frizzy hair? Coating it in butter, then leaving it overnight will make it straighter and much glossier.
  5. Chew on cinnamon flavored gum to stay awake during class.
  6. When at a drive-thru, ask for unsalted fries. This will guarantee the fries will be fresh out of the fryer.
  7. To cut onions without tearing up, chew gum.

Hilarious Comebacks

  • If you’re gonna be two-faced, at LEAST make ONE of them pretty.
  • Too many freaks, not enough circuses.
  • How come I always wear these clothes? How come YOU always wear that mask?
  • *You’re ugly*             *Pat on head* “Life must be tough for the visually impaired.
  • I’m trying to imagine you with a personality.
  • I love your new shoes! Have you been shopping lately? I heard they’re selling lives at the mall, you totally should go get one.
  • I’ve had snappier comebacks from a bowl of Rice Crispies.

3 outfits

You can NEVER go wrong with Aztec/tribal tights, a plain sweater and a colored scarf with your most comfy boots.

This is by far my favorite, simple black tights, these extremely cute boots, and of course, a over sized sweater, and a scarf, paired with whatever accessories you desire.

The last outfit is casual, trendy, lazy and cute, all at the same time with some casual jeans, cute boots with knee-socks, which always look cute, especially if you decide to show them with your boots.

3 Simple, Cute, Easy and Quick hairstyles

BONUS: How to Annoy your teacher

* These are just meant for humor, I suggest you don’t actually try these.

  1. When the teacher says ‘Take a seat’, actually life a seat up, and then innocently ask, “Okay. Now where do I take it?”
  2. Sharpen your pencil with a mechanical pencil sharper (you usually have them in a classroom) and sharpen it when the teacher is talking. Stop, wait for them to speak again. When they start talking again, sharpen again.
  3. If the teacher says to stop sharping your pencil, conveniently break the led and say, “BUT I HAVE NOTHING TO WRITE WITH!!”
  4. Purposely sing horribly while taking notes. Sing the song that currently everyone hates. May I suggest ‘Best of Both Words?’
  5. ‘Accidentally’ call them mom throughout that class.
  6. During a test, yell across the room, “I DON’T UNDERSTAND SIGN LANGUAGE! JUST TELL ME THE ANSWER!!”

And, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this Guide, thank you for reading! See you next week for Tutorials Tuesday!

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💎2015 Updates💎

Happy 2015, everyone! In honor of the new year, I will be renovating, however, this blog will not be made private during so. As sad as it makes me to stay goodbye to this lovely winter theme, I will have to create a new one. Stay in touch with my ‘Mini Twitter’ in the side bar, because that is where I will be, as I do not have any social media for this blog (yet) besides, well, email, I suppose.

Here is this list of things I need to complete, before January 17th. Keep checking this post for updates!

  • I will be releasing a survey, so I can listen to your feedback, and learn about what I need to improve.
  • Possibly change my blog’s name, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, click this sentence.
  • Starting next Tuesday, I will have this little series called “Tutorial Tuesdays” and I will post tons of tutorials, so please look out for that! I suppose now I’m starting this new schedule. So, basically, I will post DIY Crafts, Life Cheats, DIY’s, and so on, and if you guys enjoy it, it can be a regular thing.
  • Some exciting posts coming your way. Hint Hint.
  • A new theme! Say bye bye to my winter theme!
  • I will be posting way more frequently.
  • New Widget bar.
  • Updating the Sticky Post.
  • Redoing pages, and deleting some of them.
  • Stay tuned for more.



Help name my blog- Contest

Pretty picture. (The credit source is on the picture)  Anyways…

When I created this blog, it was supposed to be on JUST fashion. But then I added more things, and it’s a place where creativity flows. But like, now I want to change my username. I don’t know, something like Creative Guides or something cool.

I don’t know what to call it, but I know I don’t want it to be just my pen name, like, uh, lame. Please comment below your thoughts and what you think I should change my name to, and the winning pick gets a prize, a virtual high-five and also they will be removed from my burn book jkjk  awarded with my forever appreciation  unless you decide to hack me if you do then um, as unrelated as this is to my post don’t even yeah  don’t know where I’m going with this one so imagine I said something super meaningful. Thanks.


So basically, if you comment down a really cool name for my blog you will win:

  • 5 likes on any posts on your blog
  • I will follow you. Now I don’t follow many blogs, so feel special if I follow you.
  • We can be best-friends forever. Okay maybe not, just because I don’t know you, but…sorry.
  • I will advertise you for a week.

So I share Tips ‘n Tricks, I love creativity, and the theme of my blog is ‘creativity flows’, and since this is a new year, it’s like starting over, so please, please help me, even if you don’t think it’s good, others might. Also don’t forget to like other comments featuring names you like, so I can get an idea of what kinds of names people like thank you thank you thank you thank you a million times if you decide to participate.