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Help name my blog- Contest


Pretty picture. (The credit source is on the picture)  Anyways…

When I created this blog, it was supposed to be on JUST fashion. But then I added more things, and it’s a place where creativity flows. But like, now I want to change my username. I don’t know, something like Creative Guides or something cool.

I don’t know what to call it, but I know I don’t want it to be just my pen name, like, uh, lame. Please comment below your thoughts and what you think I should change my name to, and the winning pick gets a prize, a virtual high-five and also they will be removed from my burn book jkjk  awarded with my forever appreciation  unless you decide to hack me if you do then um, as unrelated as this is to my post don’t even yeah  don’t know where I’m going with this one so imagine I said something super meaningful. Thanks.


So basically, if you comment down a really cool name for my blog you will win:

  • 5 likes on any posts on your blog
  • I will follow you. Now I don’t follow many blogs, so feel special if I follow you.
  • We can be best-friends forever. Okay maybe not, just because I don’t know you, but…sorry.
  • I will advertise you for a week.

So I share Tips ‘n Tricks, I love creativity, and the theme of my blog is ‘creativity flows’, and since this is a new year, it’s like starting over, so please, please help me, even if you don’t think it’s good, others might. Also don’t forget to like other comments featuring names you like, so I can get an idea of what kinds of names people like thank you thank you thank you thank you a million times if you decide to participate.

Author: ✨ ѕнα∂σω ѕραякℓє ✨

I'm a blogger who loves fashion, baking, and creativity! I love arts 'n crafts! Visit my blog, where I frequently post fashion tips, recipes, reviews, DIY Crafts, Tutorials and more. Check out my 'Traveling Diaries' section, where you can see my tips for traveling, and also my experiences!! You can learn more about me on my blog, where creativity flows! Visit and follow https://shadowsparkle1.wordpress.com/

2 thoughts on “Help name my blog- Contest

  1. I really appreciate your comment! Good idea! I’ll keep thinking (:

  2. Hmm how about “Flows of Creativity”? Ok that sucks. Ummm what about…..
    I got none sorry.
    Delicious Randomness was “My Life From One To Ten” before.
    Usually, if you think about it long enough you’ll just look at something and get inspired. Good luck!

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