ℓινє ℓιƒє тσ єχρяєѕѕ, ησт тσ ιмρяєѕѕ ♥

In school…

Types of people In school


1. The Queen Bee

This person is often refereed to as the ‘Head’ or ‘The Popular’ and usually has a bunch of sidekicks next to her. No matter how mean she is to you, no matter how rude she is, she will never get in trouble. It’s like she was born absolutely perfect, in fact, the she just SITS there in class, chatting with the teacher about fashion, and nails and stuff like that. I have even WITNESSED that, many, many times in school. No matter how much you envy her, no matter how JEALOUS you are that her hair is always perfect, and even if she wears the same outfit twice in a week, she’ll add accessories to it to make it look COMPLETELY different. No matter how hard you try, it’s just impossible to hate her. :/


2. The A+ Student, AKA The Know-It-All

Oh, come on, we ALL have that person. In my case, it’s a boy. His only hobby is to study, study and then talk about it to tick off other students. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being the top in your class, if anything, it’s great! But when you won’t stop talking about it-lemme tell you this-IT GETS BORING. In fact, this kid even corrects the teacher! The teacher has to REQUEST him not to spoil the lesson. But he’s usually often popular as EVERYONE wants him on their science team and such.


3. The Drama Queen/ Gossip Girl

This person thinks it’s their DUTY to make sure that there’s tons of news to make people mope around for. In fact, this person cannot be trusted at ALL, because most likely, she one of the populars, and populars get everything the WAY they want it, and WHEN they want it.


8 thoughts on “In school…

  1. I’m like, a good mixture of all of those types combined! #unique

  2. Cool blog! I love how it’s random and AWESOME!!! It’s the perfect place for creativity, fashion and FUN!!

  3. These are SO true. They’re so much fun to read!!!

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