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✿About Shadow Sparkle✿

Hi, I’m Shadow Sparkle, the creator this blog! Thanks for visiting!

Well, here we go:

  • I started this blog on April 14th 2014. This is the second website I’ve ever created. I had another website before but I decided not to use it anymore. But you can still check it out by clicking this link: Shadow Sparkle’s Blog
  • I really like pale pink nail polish. It’s a light color, which means you can make the outfit bright, or even make it not-bright using beige or white, or even darker colors like maroon. Pale Pink goes with nearly everything.
  • Even before I created this blog, I found myself subconsciously storing tips in my head and thinking how to explain things to other people. This blog wasn’t made JUST for fashion, but a lot of different things, and also reviewing games, products and many more things, because I couldn’t decide on ONE thing to make this blog about, because I had a billion other things to talk about.
  • I love to read, and as you will see throughout this blog, I am obsessed with the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series.

Well, those are a few things about me!


Oh, so beautiful…. 🙂 🌴

Frequently Asked Questions (That nobody asks)

When and why did you start this blog?  Do you like blogging?

As I stated earlier, this blog was created on April 14th 2014. I created it because I wanted to share my thoughts and also some tips ‘n tricks with other people. That and the fact that I love writing, whether its creative writing for class, or just free-style novels. I have written about 6 full unpublished novels so far. At a younger age I enjoyed reading books, and that love of reading grew to the love of writing. I started writing and writing. In my school we had ‘Writers Notebooks’. We each would have one for the rest of the year. I filled out six. And writing wasn’t work for me. Creating a new life in the form of words, was what it was. And ever since I’ve been on the internet, seeing blogs, I wanted to have my own, where I could express myself. Oh, and to answer the question, Yes, I do like blogging!


Why are you so private? I mean, we don’t even know your age, much less your real name.

Well, first of all, I don’t want anyone using my age against me. And also, about my privacy, emails can easily be hacked if you know the owner’s personal info, like their birthday and address, and even those security questions, like your father’s first job.  And as the moral goes: Better safe than sorry.

How did you come up with the blogs name?

Well, I named it my pen name, Shadow Sparkle. Shadow as in that you don’t know a lot about me, just for privacy reasons, and sparkle because glitter rules.


A few very random things about me:

  1. hand-drawn-snowflake    Winter is my favorite season!! I LOVE SNOW!!
  2. I love the water. I love water parks!
  3. Purple and Blue are my favorite colors. Those exact shades that I just wrote in. 
  4. You may already know this about me, but I like to type with proper grammar and spelling. I cringe when people think it’s necessary to use abbreviations (I don’t get it. Why is the word that means to shorten words SO long?) even when they aren’t chatting or texting. I like to type formally. Now, before you start thinking (you probably already have) that I’m some sort of college professor- I’m not. I promise. Even I say things like ‘K’ and ‘Lol’ and ‘IKR’ and ‘OMG’ in real life, and while typing. And sometimes in this blog you’ll find me saying things like that.
  5. My favorite food is pizza. (Barbecue Chicken, Papa Johns)



You can email me and send me suggestions:
As of this date, I do not have ANY other Shadow Sparkle Medias. If I choose to add ANY, then I will make a post about it.  If I do not, that means that there is a poser on the loose.
Well those are a few things about me. All you’ll need to know for now!





8 thoughts on “✿About Shadow Sparkle✿

  1. Oooh really like the new header. Is it new, or was I too dumb to notice it before? xD

  2. I had no idea that u were such an awesome blogger. U r my favourite blogger too, now ! 🙂

  3. Lol. I love your sense of purple!! 🙂

  4. I really like the name Shadow Sparkle 🙂

  5. You are my favorite blogger!!

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