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Your Guide to Survive School

Hello! Here I am today, ready to start my first post since I updated my blog. If you haven’t checked out/noticed all of them out, here’s what I changed:

  • I updated my widget bar.
  • I updated the sticky-post titled “Welcome.”
  • On the sidebar, you can see I updated my mini-about section, and my Mini Twitter
  • Cleared up the pages, added and deleted and such.
  • I want to start this new thing where I review blogs, so if you would like your blog to be reviews, please comment below your name (the name you go by on your blog), your blog’s name and of course, your blog’s URL.
  • My blog felt empty nameless, so I named it Dreamative, the combination of ‘Dream’ and ‘Creative’.
  • New background, header, etc.
  • Will give MORE effort to edit my posts, because, well, you know.

ησω, ι’м gσιηg тσ вє ρσѕтιηg тυтσяιαℓѕ ση тυєѕ∂αу, вυт уσυ ¢αη єχρє¢т α яєgυℓαя ρσѕт αηу ∂αу σƒ тнє ωєєк.


So it’s a few weeks into school already, and we all know how difficult it is to get used to being around…people, after a gorgeous month in bed with your computer. Ugh. So today, I’m going to be sharing a few life cheats. This is the ultimate guide to surviving school. I’m going to put together some outfits and show you them, show you accessories, hair and of course, Tips ‘n Tricks AND hilarious comebacks! Bonus: 6 ways to annoy your teacher.

Tips ‘n Tricks

  1. Remember where you parked: Take a photo of closest parking sign to where you parked so you won’t forget the location.
  2. If you get brain freeze from eating something cold too quickly, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth as hard as you can
  3. Shoes too small? Put on 3 pairs of socks, put the shoes on, then blow-dry for 10 minutes. They’ll fit perfectly. Ohmygod, this is so… wow.
  4. Frizzy hair? Coating it in butter, then leaving it overnight will make it straighter and much glossier.
  5. Chew on cinnamon flavored gum to stay awake during class.
  6. When at a drive-thru, ask for unsalted fries. This will guarantee the fries will be fresh out of the fryer.
  7. To cut onions without tearing up, chew gum.

Hilarious Comebacks

  • If you’re gonna be two-faced, at LEAST make ONE of them pretty.
  • Too many freaks, not enough circuses.
  • How come I always wear these clothes? How come YOU always wear that mask?
  • *You’re ugly*             *Pat on head* “Life must be tough for the visually impaired.
  • I’m trying to imagine you with a personality.
  • I love your new shoes! Have you been shopping lately? I heard they’re selling lives at the mall, you totally should go get one.
  • I’ve had snappier comebacks from a bowl of Rice Crispies.

3 outfits

You can NEVER go wrong with Aztec/tribal tights, a plain sweater and a colored scarf with your most comfy boots.

This is by far my favorite, simple black tights, these extremely cute boots, and of course, a over sized sweater, and a scarf, paired with whatever accessories you desire.

The last outfit is casual, trendy, lazy and cute, all at the same time with some casual jeans, cute boots with knee-socks, which always look cute, especially if you decide to show them with your boots.

3 Simple, Cute, Easy and Quick hairstyles

BONUS: How to Annoy your teacher

* These are just meant for humor, I suggest you don’t actually try these.

  1. When the teacher says ‘Take a seat’, actually life a seat up, and then innocently ask, “Okay. Now where do I take it?”
  2. Sharpen your pencil with a mechanical pencil sharper (you usually have them in a classroom) and sharpen it when the teacher is talking. Stop, wait for them to speak again. When they start talking again, sharpen again.
  3. If the teacher says to stop sharping your pencil, conveniently break the led and say, “BUT I HAVE NOTHING TO WRITE WITH!!”
  4. Purposely sing horribly while taking notes. Sing the song that currently everyone hates. May I suggest ‘Best of Both Words?’
  5. ‘Accidentally’ call them mom throughout that class.
  6. During a test, yell across the room, “I DON’T UNDERSTAND SIGN LANGUAGE! JUST TELL ME THE ANSWER!!”

And, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this Guide, thank you for reading! See you next week for Tutorials Tuesday!

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How to be a Celebrity!! *Spoof*

P.S. I added a Status/Mini Twitter on  my widget bar so check that out frequently I’ll be posting cool stuff. 😀

Do you think you need TALENT to be a celebrity? If you did, you’ve got this ALL wrong. Like, seriously? Here, I’ll show you what it really takes.

  • Like, don’t smile. Like, ever. You’re the queen bee. Everyone else? Ahh… like, you are. Why else would you be on the billboard?
  • Always wear sun glasses. No, not to protect your eyes from camera flashes. Just cuz you look fab in them.
  • Always wear over priced clothes. You can even wear fake brands, but be sure to brag about them.
  • Visit the salon twice a day.
  • Don’t keep the same hair color for more than a week. Don’t be ugly.
  • Have a schedule.
  • Don’t watch people you hate on TV.
  • Don’t spend more than 5 seconds PER person per selfie. You’re queen. You don’t have the TIME.
  • Hire someone to do all your work.
  • Hire someone to post amazing stuff and life lessons on your social media.
  • Always take your Photo-shoot Crew everywhere, so they can take a perfect photo at Starbucks, which YOU can pass off as a selfie.
  • Wear a full face of make-up. Even while you’re sleeping.
  • Talk in a loud voice so everyone knows you’re here.
  • Always, and I mean, ALWAYS look like you’re bored. Whenever you have the chance, check your hair obsessively or examine your nails carefully, even though their perfect.
  • Always try to steal the spotlight. Even though it’s always on you!
  • Make up ridiculous rumors so that the room turns to you.
  • Say really French things, so it seems like you’re a classic, or whatever that means.
  • Pay people to watch boring movies and pretend that their your favorite. ex: Titanic. Start crying whenever someone mentions it.
  • Bribe people to follow you on all your social media.
  • Go on random vacations to get in touch with your ‘inner-self’. (Like, whaaat does that even like mean?)
  • Use the words ‘even’, ‘like’, ‘um’, ‘duh” excessively.
  • Have each fake selfie EDITED and FILTERED before you dare post it.
  • Stare in your mirror, daring for imperfections.
  • Have your signature made into a stamp! Makes those boring meet-ups SO much easier! ❤
  • Don’t have a personality. It makes things waaay easier.
  • Have at least 7 private islands to yourself, even though you dislike sand!
  • Take photos in front of a green screen, and pretend you’re getting Vitamin D, but actually just buy those little bottles full of it. Also, use spray-tan.
  • Advertise yourself everywhere.

If you have a proper sense of humor, you’ll see that everything posted is a JOKE! Celebrities aren’t like this! It’s a TOTAL joke post!

I hope you enjoyed this little spoof, that I made up of imaginary celebs!


Lazy Mondays- Tips ‘n Tricks

Miserable? Of course you are, it’s Monday, the worst day of the week when we spend half an hour complaining. If you woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning, then try to find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.

Forget sleeping in, forget watching TV all night. Get out your books, finish your homework, and try to conceal your large under-eye circles. I also have a personal story to tell you, but I’ll save it for the end of the post!
Face Mondays like you face any other day. I know that a lot of us get really used to staying up late during the weekend- and guess what? I do too, and it’s terrible waking up. I know it’s not JUST me when I say that I can’t sleep at night, and can’t get myself to wake up early the next morning. But, it’s not that hard to get through it! Here are my top tips for not getting tardy/ not missing the school bus.
  1. Pack everything the night before. Seriously, you do NOT want to forget your homework, plus, you have enough time to glam yourself up, AND get your beauty sleep.
  2. Put your P.E. Clothes in your locker the day before, or the week before. This tip is AMAZING! Like, seriously thanks to this, you’ll be able to participate in your own comfortable clothes, and not have to borrow.
  3. Keep Extra Clothes in your locker. Your locker is like a mini suit-case. If you keep extra clothes, you don’t have to worry about getting the clothes that you are wearing dirty, or getting dress coded or something.

No, I don’t mean a walk-in closet. Where would your books go? What I mean is keeping your gym bag in there, with one outfit.

      4. Buy Dry-Shampoo and Dry-Conditioner. It makes your hair way easier to control, and you can have the same cute hairstyle, but save time!

      5. Smile! 😀 Pretend it’s not Monday! Stay positive, and you will run miles. 🙂

To get you in the mood to smile, here are a few Monday Memes. 😉

My Week Is Basically

That’s all for this post and stay positive! 🙂





How to Write a Hit Song- 7 Tips ‘n Tricks

Shocker: I write music. Recently, I purchased my third guitar. It’s acoustic. And I have a piano. And I play the recorder, but honestly, I’m sure every kid who’s American was forced to play one when they were younger. Anyway, here are a few tips and tricks if you would like to write/record your own song!

But, first of all, see that recording studio above? You don’t need that to write a song. Just follow Shadow Sparkle’s original tips. I wrote them ALL MYSELF with personal experience, and plagiarism, as on ANY post, will not be tolerated.

Tips ‘n Tricks

  1. WRITE DOWN YOUR FEELINGS. Seriously, if you feel anger, or frustration, or just happiness- WRITE IT DOWN. Emotions are what control the song. For example, if you were feeling depressed, because of being bullied… USE IT. GET IT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM.
  2. Use similes. Like seriously. Use. Similes. Like, my previous example, are you depressed? Do you feel like you’re hanging from a mountain, the wind pushing you off? Or is there an anchor tied around your neck? One of Taylor Swift’s is how she takes being in a completely uncomfortable and unexpected position, and writes beautiful lyrics about them, example: …Rose garden, filled with thorns…” Blank Space, T.S. 1989.
  3. Use rhyming websites. Seriously, they help you SO WELL. They are for poems, and they can give you new ideas. It’s just- AMAZING.
  4. Always record or write a tune that pops in to your head, or it’s another great idea, blown in to pieces.
  5. Listen to other songs! Get ideas! See what’s new! 😉 You may have your favorite and you may think the other kind of music sucks, but there’s a reason people like it. Find out what that is.
  6. Play at least ONE instrument. Accompany your voice, find good tunes. Guitars are best, but there are SO many other instruments! Try ’em!
  7. Don’t quit on the song. If you quit a song and then come back to it, you’ll forget the tunes, and not be able to finish it, and you can’t top it the way you could’ve. Trust me, I’m talking with personal experience. Fun Fact: ‘Shine Bright Like a Diamond’ performed by Rhianna, was written by Sia, in 14 minutes. SEE, music is like that! I’ve written songs in 8 minutes, it doesn’t make it necessarily better, but don’t QUIT!

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Glow Jars- DIY Decorations

Autumn is finally here. Get out your warm leg warmers and over-sized sweaters. It’s time.

Today’s project is really, really easy. It’s one of the simplest and cutest DIY Craft’s you can do.

уσυ ωιℓℓ ηєє∂

  • A mason jar
  • Autumn leaves (preferably artificial)
  • burlap twine string

нσω тσ

  1. Inside the mason jar, stick the leaf/leaves on, and store candles inside. If you would like, you can use one of those scented candles from Bath&Body Works, perfectly ones that smell Autumn-y.  That’s what I did.

  2.  Add a burlap twine string around it, tie it in a bow to hold onto the leaf as well. At night, the glow will look really beautiful especially.


ƒαιяιєѕ ιη α נαя

(Mine of course was purple/blue, but in the spirit of autumn, yours can be orange and yellow and red, or just any color you like!)

  1. Cut open a glow-stick and squeeze the contents in a jar.
  2. Add Glitter
  3. Seal the lid

There you go! Two єαѕу ѕιмρℓє αη∂ ¢υтє DIY’s for you to decorate your room with!

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7 Annoying Things Bloggers Do- What Not to do if You’re a Blogger

Before you get your hopes up- no, this is not a post teaching you HOW to copy. Sorry, but I don’t think I EVER want to have a segment like that on my blog. And a disclaimer: These are meant to be funny, and in NO way to I mean to insult anyone. If I did, I’d state your names (wink). And if you do any of these things, don’t think I’m pointing fingers at you or anything, it’s probably just a coincidence you do one or more of these things. With that said…let’s get started!


Now, there are a  lot of funny, entertaining blogs, but one thing some aren’t: helpful. Especially when they reach fame. You comment and they just approve it and don’t answer. Even when it’s a question. They don’t want to answer it, but they just approve it so that they get more comments. I don’t know why, but this really ticks me off, I mean, isn’t the whole point of your blog to HELP people? Don’t just ignore your viewers like that. I, though, try my BEST to reply to ALL comments, just sayin’. No, but really, replying to comments is fun for me.

Extreme Gossipers

These bloggers find this need to gossip. For example, someone got hacked? A new post titled: OMG SOMEONE HACKED LIKE SERIOUSLY MUST CLICK ON THIS POST. Okay, okay. Hacking is bad, but is it really that necessary to point it out? For example, if that person happens to be ‘famous’ or something, do you REALLY think you’re doing a favor by spreading the drama and embarrassing them? Nah-uh, didn’t think so! XD

 Fashion Bloggers

Okay, I’m just going to post one thing that bothers me about certain Fashion Bloggers. Yes, yes, I’m a hypocrite since I’m a fashion blogger, get over it. But one thing I don’t post on my ‘FASHION’ blog: Selfies. You’re a fashion blogger- we’re supposed to care about what you’re wearing remember? You don’t look any different today than you did yesterday and the day after that.



What is spamming? Google says: Electronic spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited messages (spam), especially advertising, indiscriminately. Okay, Google, you didn’t really help us in this particular situation…but whatever. Spamming is basically just posting really short posts randomly. Like, “Hi, I got a puppy. Really wanted to tell ya. Bye.” It just annoys me, for some reason. That’s why I’ve started to embed all my updates on the top of my latest post, instead of making a short 1 sentence post for something, which isn’t really that important.


It’s not bad to advertise. Really, it’s great if you try to give other bloggers their chance to shine. But what I find a teensy bit annoying ( was about to say ‘extremely’ but, in case I actually do ever advertise….) is when the only reason YOU go on to a blog is to comment, “Hey visit my blog https://shadowsparkle1.wordpress.com/ ” I know, when you’re new to blogging, you want to be heard, want to be known, and trust me, everyone starts at that point.

Speaking of advertising: Please advertise this on your sidebar or somewhere in your blog, I’ll really appreciate it!!! All you do is put this on your sidebar or anywhere on your blog and make sure to link it to my blog! Thank you! ❤



Lyrical Acrobats

I’m one of them. People who totally go off-topic. For example, when you see a post “HOW WATER STICKS” you’re expecting to read: Water has a special force called Surface Tension that causes it to stick together, not ‘Water has a { insert the rest} stick together which reminds me of these raspberries that I found growing under my bed, and then we sold them and became millionaires and…’ Need I go on? Another example, getting off track with lyrics. For example: “I thought the rose peter pan collar was so fancy- I’m so fancy, you already know…I’m in the fast lane…from L.A. to Tokyo…”

Rainbow Typist

Ahhh, this is the worse one. Consider this a post to help you improve your blogging skills. Now don’t get me wrong, I love rainbow. I love different colors. I love all colors…but when you write your posts in multiple colors it’s hard to read, especially if you use colors like grey, light pink, yellow etc.


Okay, let’s wrap it up! Consider this a guide on ‘What Not To Do If You’re A Blogger’ That’s it for today, I know I haven’t been posting that frequently, but school’s already started! I’ll try to post once or twice a week!

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