ℓινє ℓιƒє тσ єχρяєѕѕ, ησт тσ ιмρяєѕѕ ♥

✈ Traveling Diaries ✈

You know that I love Rainbow loom, fashion, DIY Arts and Crafts and tons of other creative stuff. But what you might NOT know-is that I love to travel. 😀

I love both the journey, and the destination. A lot of people hate traveling and get air sick, but I don’t. Funny thing-I actually like the smell of the airport. I know, it’s just strange, but so am I. I’ve been to tons of places all over the world, and I’ve traveling on an Airplane at LEAST 50 times. (Strange question, uh, is it Airplane or Aeroplane? I usually say Airplane but pronounce it air-o-plane. That’s how most people do it…right?)

Anyway, I decided to share my traveling with you. I know that I’m very private-well, I’m not private, I’m cautious. Anyways, I don’t share a lot of personal info, and this is a way you can learn more about me. Now, I’m not going to be sharing exact details to the very coordinate I’m on…just so you know. But I’m still going to be sharing a few things that I’m doing! I’ve created sub pages on the places I’m going. Check them out, and you can learn about the place I’m currently at or going to.


2 thoughts on “✈ Traveling Diaries ✈

  1. WOW! 4 days until your going to Paris!! I am soooo happy for u. I know you are exited to go!

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