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✎Writing Tips✎

Today I’m going to share a few of my writing tips!


Writing Tips

  •   It’s important to choose a place to write where you won’t get distracted. Turn the TV off, and even though music is fun to listen to, it can restrict your brain from forming various ideas. It’s not the best idea to decide to write your story in a cafe, where it’s too noisy to concentrate. A quiet atmosphere is best.
  • Read, read, read! You need to read to write. You get ideas, and much more from reading. Reading can also improve your spelling and grammar skills.
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    • I just don’t like writing with pencils. The graphite gets on your hands…and it hurts your hands. I prefer a pen. I find typing much easier, and write most of my drafts on my Google Drive. There are a lot of cool free fonts, as well as spell check and grammar check! 🙂
    • Show not tell. Don’t write obvious things like ‘Sarah closed the window, then she opened it again.’ Seriously? Detail, detail. I could write a whole paragraph on that. Here:


Sarah held her pen in her hand. She heard a noise coming from a window. Was that the wind, or was that something else? A bird? Whatever it was, it was loud. Stop, it. You need to focus on your essay. It’s almost due. Sarah thought. She searched the back of her brain. Her essay was on the Independence of the United States of America. She pulled out her history textbook. She tried to focus on that, but the sound from the window would not stop. It was like a rustling. Was someone climbing the trees? Sarah stood up suddenly, as a shock bolted her. It couldn’t be…a burglar? Just to be safe, Sarah ran over to the window. She pushed it down with her fingers sweaty. She really wished it wasn’t a burglar. She gave a quick glance to see what it was. It was Mr. Whiskers! Her cat! She quickly pushed her window up and tried to reach for Mr. Whiskers. He wouldn’t budge. An idea sprung to her mind, and she raced to the kitchen and back, but with a bowl of Friskes De Jour. She put it on the window bar, and went back to her studying.



  • Grammar. Proper grammar is necessary, along with spelling. Would your teacher accept an essay written like this: OMG, so, like I tots saw my little kitty who looked sho cute in my windoww (spelling mistake on purpose). OMG, dat was sho weird and kewl!!’ Seriously? I like to type with proper spelling and grammar, and read things with spelling and grammar. But everyone makes, mistakes, so it’s okay if you do too. Which brings us to our next tip-
  • Revise. Yes. Revise. I personally do NOT like to revise my OWN work. Ask your friends and family to help you! A lot of famous writers have editors, who revise their work for them.
  • Stay organized! For example, when writing a story, develop ALL your main characters on a separate page. What’s their name, what’s their hair color, what are their external and internal features-you don’t want to forget those things. For example, in the beginning someone has brown eyes, but suddenly in chapter 5 they have blue eyes.


Those are just a few tips, look out for some more!

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