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Getting Sick in the Holidays/ Sick Expectations vs Reality/What to do if you’re sick

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Okay, trust me. Getting sick in the holidays. It happens, in fact, in the middle of my vacation, I got ill, and basically, I caught the flu. You know that hot after, a little less warm weather, AFTER summer? And then when a change of weather jumps in suddenly? When it suddenly gets cold after having a fairly HOT temperature, and you just get a high fever or the flu. Terrible.

And I know, during school you sometimes purposely WANT to get sick, but the problem is that when you “get better”, you’ll have a truck-load of homework, and you’ll be super behind, and trapped in a web of confusion, and, most of the time, there ain’t no superhero, a.k.a, a teacher who wants to be helpful, or a friendly, informative student so, yeah. BUT, the one time you don’t want to get sick is during the holidays, or any form of vacation which allows you to leave school, without having additional work to fill in when you get back. Basically, international holidays, like summer, spring break and winter break. Holidays where you know you aren’t the ONLY one missing school, and if the teachers are on that holiday, well, most probably, you won’t get any homework.

Here’s a quick list of things to do if you’re sick and bored:

  • Sleep: Duh. Even if you’re not sick. Sleep. 😉
  • Listen to an audio book: Reading just hurts my eyes when I’m sick, so, I recommend the tiniest amount of screen time, even though basically, when you get sick, you expect sitting on your bed with popcorn watching movies while everyone is at school having fun. No.
  • Take a hot bubble bath or a warm shower: You can try, I guess.
  • Draw: A hobby.
  • Laugh: Hopefully this post will make you laugh! Or at least smile! 😀

Getting sick

Expectation: Woo hoo! Sitting on your bed in comfy PJ’s and fuzzy socks, watching an awesome movie with popcorn while your friends have to do school. Yay!

Reality:  Sleeping the whole day and crying because your nose is blocked. Dreading the massive amount of homework you’ll have to make up for the next day.


Expectation: Resting on your couch comfortably, with a cup of luxurious warm tea, and happy thoughts.

Reality: Surrounded by disgusting used, snot-filled tissues. Oh, and you can’t find a position to lie in because your nose is blocked and super stuffy. Your eyes hurt badly when you try to read.


Expectation: Mmm! A delicious and nutritious salad with some healthy tea. Healthy, and yummy! Mmm!

Reality: Your throat hurts you too much for you to eat anything, and you’re starving, but there’s “nothing good” to eat. Ugh. 😦

Catching up with the latest gossip on your computer!

Expectations: You’re ahead of your class on everything! And laugh watching some hilarious cat videos.

Reality: Pixels hurt your eyes.

Hot bubble baths

Expectations: Candles, and losing your stuffy nose and relaxing and instantly getting better.

Reality: It’s summer, you’re already burning, and you’re too lazy.

Build a fort

Expectations: Have fun, and relax in a comfy and warm place.

Reality: You’re too lazy and tired. Too sick.

So, if you’re sick right now, reading this, or have ever (you probably have) felt like screaming- Body, Y U NO WANT TO GET BETTER, it’s break, then welcome to life. And get well soon! Hope this made you laugh, because laughing is one of the best medicines, so you’re welcome!  Happy New Years everybody. Everyone’s like, New Year, New Me, and I’m just there like, New Year, Still Perfect. Nah, I’m joking, because no one’s perfect. Have a great 2015, and an awesome school year, and try not to get sick that often, alright?

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  1. Happy New Year to you too ❤

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