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Things I wish the internet would have…

Yes. Look at the title. There are many things we ALL want. Let me share with you, some of the things that I would do, if I owned sites like Facebook, and Blogs, and Emails.


  • I wish that Facebook would have a dislike button, so you could let people know when they are posting rubbish.
  • I wish that Facebook would stop telling me to suggest friends to other people. Much like in the real world, you make friends on your own. We don’t need one of our other friends telling us it’s time to make new ones.
  • I wish Facebook had a cooler name. Seriously? Putting your face in a book? Like reading, which I love! But if we did that, wouldn’t that mean leaving your site? Choose a better name, just saying. 🙂
  • Add cooler emojis! ‘Hacker Girl’ ‘Snoopy Dog’ ‘Frozen’ WHAT ARE THOSE? Add the simple small ones. You have, like, less than 30 normal ones. We don’t need your fancy fox cartoons. I’ve only used the fox holding a piece of pizza ONCE. (Talk about specific.)


  • Now I’m particularly talking about Yahoo and Gmail. Gmail runs Google, so it’s used on everything. Gmail has this cool thing which lets you chat with people. Like Skype. But Yahoo? NOPE.
  • More emojis needed like Facebook.
  • We defiantly need a button that can stop your message from sending. Something that can delete the message before it gets sent, and the other person won’t see it. (That’d be a LIFESAVER)


  • I’m not really specifically eying WordPress, because I really like the way it works, but OTHER blog-creating sites really drive me crazy. Like WIX.com for example. You can’t even embed a comment section without paying. But WordPress let’s you.
  • Why do BLOG templates cost? Some do, some don’t!
  • I’m not sure what to add. Oh yeah, in my stats often I don’t see the countries showing up of people who are literally viewing it RIGHT in front of me. RIGHT in front.

That’s about it! Comment down some things that bug you about the internet!