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Ask Shadow #2



Thank you for sending all your questions in at: shadowsparkle1@gmail.com

(I already answered everything but forgot to save my post 😦 )

If your questions were not answered, I’m sorry I’ll try to hit them next time. Send it again if you wish, but I’m only answering about 12 to 15 questions at a time. At least 10 of these questions were asking to do another Ask Shadow, so here you go!

Do you hate school?

Do I? Well, no. I know you are considered a ‘nerd’ or something if you like school, but I don’t really believe those stereotypes. Like just because you wear glass, you’re considered super smart or a nerd. Basically in this civilization everything is based on what you look like. To answer the question, yes I like school. I like art, reading and music the most.

Do you like math, because it’s really boring for me. How do I actually attempt to pay attention.

So you’re saying the bell for math rings, and you hit the snooze button? Sorry, it’s a random and bad pun I just thought of. First of all, no, I am not a big fan of math, but at the same time, I don’t dislike it that much. I mean, I’ve learnt to face it as a fact of life, and so should you.

I have like a really short temper and get mad and say things I don’t actually mean. Like, how do I solve them?

How to solve your problems. This is a question that’s for all of us. I also have the same question, but maybe helping others figure it out will help me. Let’s deal with our mouths losing their zippers. Sometimes, I try to bottle up my anger, for example, if I’m feeling upset or angry I try to bottle it up at the wrong person, and explode it at another. Like my best friend (sorry). It feels good to let your anger out, but it’s not exactly….the right thing. It makes you angrier. I have the perfect post for you click here to see it.

Hi I like your Ask Shadow’s, can you start like an Ask Shadow Advice Column

Well, if you enjoy my advice so much, why not?

Which class is your favorite in school?

Language Arts and Art.

What are your favorite colors?

I have answered this before in my last Ask Shadow. I seriously can’t pick one color. Like how would the other colors feel  No, but if I had to choose my absolute favorite colors I’d say purple and blue. For example, I have two locker locks (one for gym one for my regular locker) Thank goodness I need two, or else I would freak out trying to choose just ONE color.


When will you post your art?

Yes, yes, I know I promised to post my art. I know what a great number of you want to see it (I’m flattered!) and it will be posted. Now read carefully, when I say this: I will post my art in my Art Gallery once I hit 1,500 views. If you want to see it, help me get to 1, 500 views!! Tell your friends who are into DIY Crafts, Fashion and creativity all about my blog if you enjoy it.
Thank you! A few days ago I got OVER 1,800 views which is just..amazing! And don’t worry I AM going to be posting it very soon.

Can you make any social media sites like Twitter or something. Do you have any?

Well, I have personal sites, but I suppose I could bring myself to making a Shadow Sparkle twitter. Just to make things clear, I do not have any social media sites for Shadow Sparkle currently. If you see any please report them to me, as they are posers.

That’s all for now, and send your questions in to be answered!

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What color are you nails?

I just painted ombre. Gold and Silver!


And that wraps up today’s Ask Shadow, remember if you DO have ANY other questions, feel free to email me without hesitation, and that’s about it!