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10 Facts About Me

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Hello!! How’s your December? I thought that it’s always a good idea to interact with your viewers, so I’m going to be sharing a few facts about me, and I’ll do this often. Also, you are welcome to post 10  facts about YOURSELF as well down in the comment section! In fact, I encourage you to, because I’d like to get to know some of my views as well! And trust me, these aren’t facts that you already know. P.S. If you wish you can share 7 or more, it’s completely up to you! (:

  1. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person in this entire universe that does this, but I get REALLY OBSESSED with a song, download it, play it over and over, and then get sick of it.
  2. I’m REALLY quick at memorizing scripts and songs, like I just have to hear a song twice to memorize it. But when it comes to academics, eh.
  3. I have so many motto’s, but most of the time I like to go by, “If you’re nice to me, I’m nice, if you’re mean to me…I’ll ruin your life.” Nah, I’m joking, but in all seriousness, I WILL get you back. No, actually, as much as I might hate you in the moment, I won’t do something bad purposely that I wouldn’t like to happen to me. And I generally get along with people.
  4. I honestly love to act and sing, but I don’t do it in front of people. It’s like how I’m slightly shy (SLIGHTLY), but once you get to know me, I swear, you can’t shut me up. Aha!
  5. Even though I prefer my right-hand, I can write well with my left hand as well. It won’t be as neat or fast, but pretty close, because when I was little I used to write with my left hand, then I switched and…I just CAN use both. (:
  6. In real life, I’m seriously an open book. No, seriously.
  7. I change my mind waaaay too often. In fact, I change my mind, the way girls’ change their clothes. I seriously cannot make a decision without making 5 pro and con lists in my head, and asking at least 4 other people about their opinion.
  8. I start panicking really fast. A second I find out something, like, I don’t know, that perhaps for example I lost my phone or something I will have a mini-heart attack, only find out it’s in the back pocket. Yup, been there, done that.
  9. If they gave out Gold Medals for Procrastination, I swear, I’d win EVERY year. So I have a week to finish a project? No problem. Until it’s the night before it’s due. Until it’s 10 hours till it’s due, THAT’S when I start panicking (again, my amazing talent which you learned about on fact #8). That’s when I start my project. One of my many fabulous qualities.
  10. FINALLY. I love animals! Like, all animals! Especially baby animals, because those are ADORABLE. Once, I even started a fundraiser for penguins. I feel proud. 🙂

Quick Bonus: Grammar and spelling mistakes make me cringe, but I do understand that just like me, everyone makes mistakes! But it’s the little effort that I hate. I try to put as much effort in my posts as I can, even though I don’t always get it to be 100% perfection. But then again, who’s perfection? If you are, then great. I hope somebody buys you candy.

Phew, that was quite a lot. Took some time phrasing, but that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post. I enjoyed typing out about my favorite topic. (Me, Myself, and I. No, totally joking, I sound so narcissistic!)

Feel free to share a few facts about yourself in the comments below, and have a good day! xx

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One thought on “10 Facts About Me

  1. I’m just like you especially the procrastination one and the panic one. I keep procrastinating and then wake up at 4 am on the day the project is to be submitted and then do it.

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