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How to be a Celebrity!! *Spoof*


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Do you think you need TALENT to be a celebrity? If you did, you’ve got this ALL wrong. Like, seriously? Here, I’ll show you what it really takes.

  • Like, don’t smile. Like, ever. You’re the queen bee. Everyone else? Ahh… like, you are. Why else would you be on the billboard?
  • Always wear sun glasses. No, not to protect your eyes from camera flashes. Just cuz you look fab in them.
  • Always wear over priced clothes. You can even wear fake brands, but be sure to brag about them.
  • Visit the salon twice a day.
  • Don’t keep the same hair color for more than a week. Don’t be ugly.
  • Have a schedule.
  • Don’t watch people you hate on TV.
  • Don’t spend more than 5 seconds PER person per selfie. You’re queen. You don’t have the TIME.
  • Hire someone to do all your work.
  • Hire someone to post amazing stuff and life lessons on your social media.
  • Always take your Photo-shoot Crew everywhere, so they can take a perfect photo at Starbucks, which YOU can pass off as a selfie.
  • Wear a full face of make-up. Even while you’re sleeping.
  • Talk in a loud voice so everyone knows you’re here.
  • Always, and I mean, ALWAYS look like you’re bored. Whenever you have the chance, check your hair obsessively or examine your nails carefully, even though their perfect.
  • Always try to steal the spotlight. Even though it’s always on you!
  • Make up ridiculous rumors so that the room turns to you.
  • Say really French things, so it seems like you’re a classic, or whatever that means.
  • Pay people to watch boring movies and pretend that their your favorite. ex: Titanic. Start crying whenever someone mentions it.
  • Bribe people to follow you on all your social media.
  • Go on random vacations to get in touch with your ‘inner-self’. (Like, whaaat does that even like mean?)
  • Use the words ‘even’, ‘like’, ‘um’, ‘duh” excessively.
  • Have each fake selfie EDITED and FILTERED before you dare post it.
  • Stare in your mirror, daring for imperfections.
  • Have your signature made into a stamp! Makes those boring meet-ups SO much easier! ❤
  • Don’t have a personality. It makes things waaay easier.
  • Have at least 7 private islands to yourself, even though you dislike sand!
  • Take photos in front of a green screen, and pretend you’re getting Vitamin D, but actually just buy those little bottles full of it. Also, use spray-tan.
  • Advertise yourself everywhere.

If you have a proper sense of humor, you’ll see that everything posted is a JOKE! Celebrities aren’t like this! It’s a TOTAL joke post!

I hope you enjoyed this little spoof, that I made up of imaginary celebs!


Author: ✨ ѕнα∂σω ѕραякℓє ✨

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2 thoughts on “How to be a Celebrity!! *Spoof*

  1. Lol that’s really funny! It would be really hard to advertise yourself everywhere and to hire people to do whatever you want them to do xD

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