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Lazy Mondays- Tips ‘n Tricks


Miserable? Of course you are, it’s Monday, the worst day of the week when we spend half an hour complaining. If you woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning, then try to find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.

Forget sleeping in, forget watching TV all night. Get out your books, finish your homework, and try to conceal your large under-eye circles. I also have a personal story to tell you, but I’ll save it for the end of the post!
Face Mondays like you face any other day. I know that a lot of us get really used to staying up late during the weekend- and guess what? I do too, and it’s terrible waking up. I know it’s not JUST me when I say that I can’t sleep at night, and can’t get myself to wake up early the next morning. But, it’s not that hard to get through it! Here are my top tips for not getting tardy/ not missing the school bus.
  1. Pack everything the night before. Seriously, you do NOT want to forget your homework, plus, you have enough time to glam yourself up, AND get your beauty sleep.
  2. Put your P.E. Clothes in your locker the day before, or the week before. This tip is AMAZING! Like, seriously thanks to this, you’ll be able to participate in your own comfortable clothes, and not have to borrow.
  3. Keep Extra Clothes in your locker. Your locker is like a mini suit-case. If you keep extra clothes, you don’t have to worry about getting the clothes that you are wearing dirty, or getting dress coded or something.

No, I don’t mean a walk-in closet. Where would your books go? What I mean is keeping your gym bag in there, with one outfit.

      4. Buy Dry-Shampoo and Dry-Conditioner. It makes your hair way easier to control, and you can have the same cute hairstyle, but save time!

      5. Smile! 😀 Pretend it’s not Monday! Stay positive, and you will run miles. 🙂

To get you in the mood to smile, here are a few Monday Memes. 😉

My Week Is Basically

That’s all for this post and stay positive! 🙂





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2 thoughts on “Lazy Mondays- Tips ‘n Tricks

  1. Lol nice tips! I like the last one especially 😉

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