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How to Write a Hit Song- 7 Tips ‘n Tricks


Shocker: I write music. Recently, I purchased my third guitar. It’s acoustic. And I have a piano. And I play the recorder, but honestly, I’m sure every kid who’s American was forced to play one when they were younger. Anyway, here are a few tips and tricks if you would like to write/record your own song!

But, first of all, see that recording studio above? You don’t need that to write a song. Just follow Shadow Sparkle’s original tips. I wrote them ALL MYSELF with personal experience, and plagiarism, as on ANY post, will not be tolerated.

Tips ‘n Tricks

  1. WRITE DOWN YOUR FEELINGS. Seriously, if you feel anger, or frustration, or just happiness- WRITE IT DOWN. Emotions are what control the song. For example, if you were feeling depressed, because of being bullied… USE IT. GET IT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM.
  2. Use similes. Like seriously. Use. Similes. Like, my previous example, are you depressed? Do you feel like you’re hanging from a mountain, the wind pushing you off? Or is there an anchor tied around your neck? One of Taylor Swift’s is how she takes being in a completely uncomfortable and unexpected position, and writes beautiful lyrics about them, example: …Rose garden, filled with thorns…” Blank Space, T.S. 1989.
  3. Use rhyming websites. Seriously, they help you SO WELL. They are for poems, and they can give you new ideas. It’s just- AMAZING.
  4. Always record or write a tune that pops in to your head, or it’s another great idea, blown in to pieces.
  5. Listen to other songs! Get ideas! See what’s new! 😉 You may have your favorite and you may think the other kind of music sucks, but there’s a reason people like it. Find out what that is.
  6. Play at least ONE instrument. Accompany your voice, find good tunes. Guitars are best, but there are SO many other instruments! Try ’em!
  7. Don’t quit on the song. If you quit a song and then come back to it, you’ll forget the tunes, and not be able to finish it, and you can’t top it the way you could’ve. Trust me, I’m talking with personal experience. Fun Fact: ‘Shine Bright Like a Diamond’ performed by Rhianna, was written by Sia, in 14 minutes. SEE, music is like that! I’ve written songs in 8 minutes, it doesn’t make it necessarily better, but don’t QUIT!

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3 thoughts on “How to Write a Hit Song- 7 Tips ‘n Tricks

  1. Lol I wrote a short music piece a year ago or so for the piano. I tried it out, but honestly it was like really…. boring. Haha it sounded to known so I just threw it away. So do you sell your music or something as well?

  2. OMG you write music?! That is so COOL!! I cannot write music if my life depended on it! XP

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