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Ask Shadow #3

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Hello, everyone! It’s been quite a while! I’m very well alive, in case you were wondering. I’m sorry I haven’t posted content for like, a MONTH, but I’ve been seriously busy! The contest, BTW, is almost done, you can expected it out about the second week of December, the latest. Anyway, let’s catch up! I thought the easiest way would be by doing yet another Ask Shadow, you can check out #1 and #2, and now without further ado, here is Ask Shadow #3! NOTE: I’m so excited for winter! WINTER TRENDS AND WINTER FAVORITES COMING SOON! ❤ I changed my background as well.

What’s 9+10?

Enough of that! It’s 19, but for the fun of it, I’ll say: Tweeny Wun. 😉

What kind of make-up is good for  school?

It definitely depends on your school dress code, and what grade you are in, but for middle schoolers, I’d say, stay young. If you’re in Elementary, or 6th grade, I do NOT recommend ANY MAKE-UP products EXPECT skin creams and occasionally lip-gloss. A lot of people find it quite strange when kids are obsessing over this stuff, but my vote is that make-up should be used when you’re in 8th grade, going on to high-school, but if you’re in 7th Grade, some eye-liner, skin cream, and a little lip-gloss is pretty and cute, but hey, it’s all YOUR choice. And your schools choice… 😉

What are you recent favorite songs?

Well, I was going to do a post about it, but I love Taylor Swift, so definitely Blank Space, Out of the Woods, Welcome to New York… Title by Meghan Trainor…  and even though it’s a little old, I love ‘Brave’ as well. 🙂 I love a lot of songs, but I’m more into the pop or, country pop genre.

Purple or Light Pink Lipstick?

Well, this is hard, because light pink goes with everything, and it’s good especially if you’re around your teens and it is really pretty, but not always noticeable, while purple, although it’s my favorite color is defiantly noticeable. And if you didn’t know, I’m not gothic. Well there’s a part of me that is, fashion-wise. For example, I do like black, but I do NOT wear it everyday. So, I’m going to choose light pink FTW.

Favorite Album?

I hope you mean the kinds like ‘Believe’ and ‘Pink Friday’, because, like, I don’t know any old records. Jeez people, I’m not 40. Anyways, I LOVE ‘T.S. 1989’ it has the BEST SONGS. And my second favorite one is ‘FOUR’. So the first one, ‘T.S 1989’ is by Taylor Swift, obviously. And the second one, which is also just as amazing, is by One Direction. It’s called ‘FOUR’, as I previously stated.

That’s all for email me your questions at shadowsparkle1@gmail.com, THANKYOUTHANKYOU for all the views and waiting patiently! ❤


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