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I dyed my hair!


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Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while…it’s just I’ve been caught up in this huge web called school. I have so many things to turn in, and I have to turn everything in by second quarter. Enough, about me- oh wait.

So for a while now (last year to be exact) a lot of girls started dying their hair, it was a huge trend. And I wanted to dye it, but I seriously had no idea what color. I thought about purple and blue, of course, because those are defiantly my favorite colors. If you’re wondering, no, I would never would dye all of my hair. Never, because not only is it bad for your hair, but I like my hair color, it really suits me. My hair is a little dark, though, it brings the worry if the color would show up, which of course turned out was for no reason.

The color I ended up choosing is Aubergine, which is a dark purple. It looks more of a red velvet with purple, on my hair. Here’s what the actual color is though:

It’s really pretty, though. Now, before you ask, ‘So did you dye all of it?’ my answer is: no. No, I didn’t. I dip-dyed it. Although, I’m thinking about getting a few highlights.

Here’s what it looks like… on Katy Perry.

This is basically the first time I’ve ever dyed my hair, and one of the reasons is because it’s a rare and unique color.


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6 thoughts on “I dyed my hair!

  1. aw luckyy ;;;; my parents would never allow me to dye my hair 😦

    (btw I’ve noticed you’ve been using the word “defiantly” incorrectly… sorry for being that annoying grammar nazi to break it to you :P)

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