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How To Hold Your Temper and Keep Calm

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Hi. I know that a lot of us have anger management issues (including me). We all know that we aren’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t great. Perfect is getting every single thing right. For example, always getting every thing right in class. Even teachers can’t get that, not because they don’t have the knowledge, because they do. But because we sometimes forget the right things at wrong times. I’m going to be sharing my personal experiences as well as some tips on how to Keep Calm, and Carry On.


Let’s start by reflecting of experiences, and finding other solutions:

How I bottle up my anger

Sometimes when I feel upset, I try to bottle up those feelings. Feelings can’t stay there forever, and they try to explode, but you try to open that jar. Imagine all those feelings being tucked in a bottle, like a jar full of water. Too much to hold in. You try to hide them all, but pretty soon, that jar explodes, and most of the time on the wrong person, like your best friend, or someone not involved at all. It feels good to let that out, but bad to let it on at a person who doesn’t deserve it.

Now moving on, let’s talk about the word ‘hate’. A lot of people go, “OMG, I hate this, hate that, hate you-” And here’s what they are: Haters. Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. (Google search)

Sometimes you mean it (shouldn’t) and sometimes you don’t.

What to say when you DON’T mean it

Example: I dislike tomatoes, I’m not a big fan of tomatoes, Yeah, tomato’s are cool, not just my thing, No, I prefer ____ (lettuce)

See. You know that I don’t like tomatoes, but you also know that I’m not completely against it and will not try to steal them from everyone so that they don’t eat it. (What.)

What to say when you DO mean it (extra)

THIS is random, but just so you don’t sound overly obsessed you should use words like:

Example: I think penguins are cool, Penguins are interesting, I want to learn more about them.

Example: I think Rainbow Loom is a creative and fun idea, I find Rainbow Loom interesting and enjoy working with  it, I recommend Rainbow Loom to my friends because they might think it’s cool, it’s interesting.

See I’m not all “OMG I LOVE PENGUINS AND RAINBOWLOOM!!! OMGOMGOMG” Note I didn’t use the words ‘like’ nor ‘love’ even once.

How one word can end you

No, not actually end you. I’m keeping this G rated. Lol.

Anyway, just one word (or one sentence, rather) can end your friendship. If you’ve had a fight, you feel angry, and burst everything out without thinking.

Think about how the other person feels, but also think about yourself as well. Only you can walk your path, others just open doors.

Say Sorry, be the superior one. Forgive, even if you can’t forget

Let it go. Even if you aren’t the one who started it, you should be the one to end it, because if you don’t, then where will you end up? You’ve heard of the saying Forgive and Forget, but sometimes you can try to Forgive, but you can never Forget.

And remember:


Think before you speak, and let it go. Keep Calm, and Carry on!



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