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More info on my Vacation

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Okay, I have tons of other things planned for now, but right now I’m going to share the following… (If that makes any sense)

Pre-Written as my computer was not working during my trip. This is just a more personal and more detailed part like the one on my Traveling Diaries page.


Hello! So on my first day I visited Champs-Élysées because I stayed near there. The next day I visited the Eiffel Tower, and it was fascinating! Even though there is a very, very, very long line, there’s a breath-taking view once you reach all the way up. While I was there, I bought a lot of miniature Eiffel Tower’s for my friends, and was thinking- maybe I should do a little giveaway soon. 😉 Hint Hint.


On my third day I visited the one, the only, Louvre Museum and it was great! I even got to see the Mona Lisa, though it was very, and I mean, VERY crowded! I took a few pictures of it, which hopefully I’ll have time to post on later.


I also bought the Guide to listen to and learn more about the many works of art.

We had a connected flight to Paris, and our first one was delayed, so by the time we arrived for the second one we had missed it. Then we got rescheduled to another flight, three hours later. When we finally arrived in Paris, our luggage did not, and we were stuck in the clothes we were in. Luckily, we had put all our electronics, phones etc in a separate bag to carry, but the charges were all in the suitcases.

We survived the first 7 days without the suitcases, but finally, they arrived on the 8th day.

We were fine without them, we learned how to make the best of it. Paris, though, is very expensive. We bought chargers that we needed and some clothes, a brush, tooth paste and daily-things like that.


THEN came Disneyland!! I’m going to be honest: I love scary rides that go upside down and roller coasters! We bought the 3-Day Pass which let you go to BOTH parks! It was awesome! I loved the Twilight Zone, Space Mountain 2, Rock in Roller-coaster and all those other AMAZING rides in the air like ‘RC Racers’. In the twilight zone you sit on this thing which takes you up in the air, and you drop faster then the speed of gravity and it feels like for a second you are flying mid air.

After three days of THAT we decided to spend the NEXT day in the Disney Village, which was also very fun.

We watched ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ in IMAX then had Häagen-Dazs afterwords. That was today. The movie was great and in 3D but it does contain some foul language.



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  1. Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun.

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