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Back-To-School The Locker Guide

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Schools just around the corner for many of us, to I decided it’s time for another quick DIY tutorial. This how my schedule goes: class-locker-class-locker-class-locker, and so on. You do visit your locker a lot, whether it’s to freshen up, or just grab your books and stuff.

As part of my back-to-school series, I’m going to show you cool items to store in your locker, and other locker decorating ideas. So, let’s get started!

Rainbow Loom Charms (Optional)

As I’ve mentioned endlessly, I really enjoy the rainbow loom art. Recently, I’ve been searching a few YouTube videos to help me create charms. Charms are little creations that could be a heart, snow-cone, action figures, pineapples, and so on. Charms can be used for a variety of different things, to use as a bracelet, ring, anklet, necklace, headband, hang in your locker, on your bags, on your school text-books, etc. There are endless ways to use them.

Here are a few cool creations, that I myself have tried.

This next one is so cute:

I recently tried to make an Owl. It was awesome. Best charm EVER!

Things you should have in your locker

You don’t have to have these things, but I like to store them.

  • Files to keep your books tidy
  • A DIY Cup to keep all your pencils, pens, colors and such tidy
  • A nice wallpaper on your locker. It’s the first thing you see, and the last thing you close
  • Keep a watch in your locker if you don’t wear one! You can hang it up as a tiny clock. Don’t want to be late to class!
  • Have a small chalkboard/whiteboard in your locker. You can quickly solve equations, or use it for whatever
  • Have some spare money in your locker. Don’t reveal your combination to anyone
  • Keep an old plastic shopping bag in your locker. This will be helpful to store any dirty gym clothes. Or, it might be helpful for cleaning out your locker.

  • Place a spare sweatshirt or jacket inside your locker. Classrooms and hallways can be cold, especially during the winter months. Plus this can be helpful in case of any spills that require you to change your shirt.

  • Extra hair ties and bobby pins
  • Just-In-Case Kit
  • Compact Mirror
  • Band-aids


How to Personalize your locker

  • Keep some of those things that I’ve mentioned above in your locker
  • Check with your school policy before decorating lockers. Some schools allow you to paint the lockers but others don’t even allow any pictures to be hung. Read the policy (it’s probably in your student handbook), and/or ask an administrator if you have any questions.

  • Hang photos inside your locker. These are the classic locker decoration and are a good way to show off who you’re friends with or currently dating. Consider hanging up pictures of friends and family or other pictures that you’ve taken, or make a photo collage out of magazine clippings, album covers, or photos you found online. Just don’t overfill your locker with pictures or your locker will get cluttered and won’t look very good.

    • Postcards, nice shopping bags, or posters also make great wall hangings, but choose things that reflect your own unique personality.
    • Hang a mirror inside your locker. This is a great way to make sure you look good between classes .
  • Hang a whiteboard or blackboard inside. Use it for reminders, such as writing down a test date or homework assignment. If you share a locker with someone you like, you can also use it to leave notes for each other.
  • Place magnets inside. You can buy funny magnets that show off your personality, have custom photo magnets made, or even stick magnetic letters inside to write notes. The magnets can be purely decorative, but they’re also a great way to hang notes if you can’t fit a bulletin board inside.
    • You could also hang functional items such as a magnetic calculator or calendar.
  • If your locker door has slits across the front, turn them into mail slots. Simply place a wide-mouthed envelope or small, flat canister underneath the slots so that your friends can drop notes inside
  • If your locker door is painted and finished on the inside, write on it with dry-erase markers. It’s a good idea to test a marker in an inconspicuous corner to make sure it erases before going all out and professing your undying love to your crush all over the inside. If this works, keep dry-erase markers in a conspicuous place inside the locker (ex. tied to strings and hanging from magnets) so that you never confuse them with Sharpies.
  • Put your favorite bobble-head, stuffed animal, or figurine in there. Make sure it’s small enough that you still have room left over for the rest of your stuff.
  • Add a scent. Lockers don’t get a lot of air circulation, so consider spraying your perfume/cologne inside or adding an air freshener. (Don’t limit your thinking to those paper fresheners you find in cars; a lot of stores sell miniature bottles of air freshener that come in lots of different scents.) As an added bonus, this will it help cover up the smell of that sandwich you left in there last week.
  • Add the trimmings. Once you have your content arranged, go ahead and accentuate it. You can put in ribbon streamers, fabric pieces, etc., or you can even put in a thin wooden frame around your art.
  • Keep your locker neat. Now that you’ve spent all that time getting your locker just right, keep it in good condition. Clean it out regularly, and keep your books organized. Just opening and closing the door of your locker will eventually make things start to shift around, especially if you haven’t hung them very securely, so periodically maintain your art to keep it looking great.

  • Put your schedule in there. This is super convenient for us, since we definitely would want to know where to go next. You can type out and personalize your schedule using Excel. Change the fonts and colors, etc. You can make it any size you want, for example, you can make it big enough so that it is as big as a frame, or you can make it small so it’s cute and just like a reminder (if you want to put a lot of other stuff). Just make sure it’s legible!



  • Putting wall paper or wrapping paper is a great idea, but some schools are against that. If your school is against wall papered lockers you could buy magnetic wallpaper from Staples. It sticks on great and is easy to take off if you want to change your locker in the future.
  • Have some friends help you decorate your locker, and help them decorate theirs. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you put your heads together, and every time you go to your locker you’ll think of what great friends you have.
  • It would be very creative to design a locker based on your doodles. Hang drawings/paintings up, doodle around your whiteboard, get some creative wrapping paper, get blank wrapping paper, and make a doodle on it every day.
  • To create a theme, match the inside of your locker to one of your binders (or vice versa) by using the same colors, photos, stickers, etc.!
  • The best place to show your character in the locker is the inside walls, simply because there’s so much space inside and when you open up your locker that is the only place that holds a lot of decoration. Don’t neglect the walls of your locker, though; if you have enough room left over, put some prom pics in there.
  • Make a pencil holder by cutting off the back of a plastic cup and using Sticky-Tack to stick it to your locker walls. It’s perfect for holding pencils!
  • The dollar store is a good place to look for cool magnets. You might also consider buying some sticky-tack (Blu-Tack) which can hold up pictures and comes off easily.
  • Decorating the outside of friends’ lockers with ribbons and streamers for their birthday is a great way to show you care. You can also stick a little note in there from time to time reminding them that you’ll always be their friend.
  • Clueless as to a theme? Here are some ideas:
    • 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…
    • Dance
    • Music…singing, musical theater, instruments…
    • Your favorite sports team
    • Films, movies, TV shows, or video games you love
    • Your favorite book
    • Your favorite color
    • Help the environment/conservation-themed
    • Your family/friends (pets count). If you load pictures on the computer, you can sometimes make the pictures different colors to make it interesting.
    • Extra-curricular themed (your favorite sport, drama club, singing club, musical, instrument, tech club, etc.)
    • Cooking/food themed (come on, you’ve snuck food into school before)
    • Chocolate themed: get plain brown or tan wallpaper and hang Hershey kisses or other small chocolates up on the walls (or make a cardboard pocket and put magnets on the back to hold them up); now you have something to snack on between classes!
  • You can tie a bow on the outside of your locker (through the slits.) If you’re worried about someone taking it off, tie it in a double knot on the inside, then bring it to the outside and tie a bow as you normally would.
  • Make your own whiteboard by using paper and scotch tape (the big clear kind). Draw a design on the paper before coating it with the tape. It makes a personalized whiteboard.
  • Decorate your locker in your OWN school theme! You can decorate it in your school colors, and hang up a picture of your school mascot. Also you can put pictures of you and your friends dressed in your school colors!
  • Put a couple of those black magnets on the back of a normal note-book. You can hang that up on your locker door so that if are running late for a class you can just grab the notebook and have it to take notes.
  • Try to decorate the ceiling of your locker. You could try wallpaper (if your school allows it) or construction paper.


Well, those are just a few things you can do to spice up your locker! Also, watch out tonight for my Traveling Diaries! I’m posting at the airport….or, I’ll try.

Also, last night I hit 1,000 Views! Wow! Thank you!

That’s it for now! See ya!


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