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Help me choose!


Yes, I know I haven’t posted for some time. Just a few days, really. I’m busy packing and stuff for Paris!

I bought two books to read in the plane, but I can’t decide which one…

Help me decide-vote!

Yes, I do realize that I may be the last person on the planet to read the Hunger Games-but I don’t care. I’ve watched all the movies though, and I’ve enjoyed them. If it’s true that the book is better than the movie, well then, great. I’ve been wanted to read Wonder by R. J. Palacio forever.

And, the Paris Diaries are coming out! (On my blog, they aren’t actual books, in case you do not know, it’s a page. Visit the ‘Traveling Diaries’)

Sorry I haven’t updated the side bar…

Anyway, get as many people as you can to vote on that poll! It’s urgent. I need to decide what to read!


That’s it! For now. I’m gonna be posting some Back-To-School things, but until then…bye!


Author: ✨ ѕнα∂σω ѕραякℓє ✨

I'm a blogger who loves fashion, baking, and creativity! I love arts 'n crafts! Visit my blog, where I frequently post fashion tips, recipes, reviews, DIY Crafts, Tutorials and more. Check out my 'Traveling Diaries' section, where you can see my tips for traveling, and also my experiences!! You can learn more about me on my blog, where creativity flows! Visit and follow https://shadowsparkle1.wordpress.com/

4 thoughts on “Help me choose!

  1. we read wonder in class and it turned out to be supergood. you should def read wonder.

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