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Advice+A little shopping…+Thank you


This is rather a post about fashion/life, two things which my blog is based on. Fashion can impact your life, really, if you want it in simple words. Listen to Cinderella- one pair of shoes changed her life. It can change yours too.

Anyway, my last post was all about the latest trends, and a few perfect outfits for school, once it starts, because your first impression, is your last impression, and it’s the first thing newbies will see about you, and if you’re transferring from Pre-K to KG, or from 5th Grade to Middle School, or from 8th Grade to High-school-you still want to look fabulous. Summer is like 3 months when you can give yourself a makeover, change yourself to who you want to be. It’s a time-off from work, not because you’ve been bad, but because you want to be better.

I’m not saying that you’re not perfect the way you are. I’m saying it’s your decision whether or whether not you want you want to improve or change yourself. You don’t have to. You don’t need to improve yourself, because you don’t need improving, but if you want to experiment and try out new looks then you can.

*Note: I know I’ve been updating the blog a few times a week, but do not expect that once school starts, because guess what-I have a life outside of WordPress. I’m a girl who has to balance her blogging time and her stuDYING time as well. See what I did there?


That was a nice pep-talk. Now, on to my shopping trip.

Today I went back-to-school shopping with a couple of friends and honestly, most of the things I bought were wintery and floral, no lie. AND for PE, I got a really pretty zebra print design shirt at H&M, and by zebra print I mean the design, not the colors. The color was black with gray. Pretty exciting, eh? Now I can sweat-and look great doing it.

I got some peter-pan collared t-shirts, looked around Bath&Body Works. It’s amazing. I ♥ B&BW. And of course, I visited Forever21, because who could resist? It’s amazing. I also got some designing supplies for my notebooks, and such. I’ll be doing a tutorial soon on how to use them to bring some pizzaz to your notebooks and planners and lockers and stuff.


And last of all-

I want to thank all my followers and all my other viewers. To my followers: I don’t know what it is that made you follow me-but I’m glad you did, and thank you.

It’s thanks to you I’ve continued blogging. I have many reasons, but two big ones- 1. I know that people see this, and that I’m making an impact, which is a huge thing. It matters a lot to me, that people are learning from my blog, and that they enjoy it enough to subscribe/follow me. 2. I love to blog. Creativity is my thing, you know. I love creative writing, and blogging is a big part of it. You know, I had been thinking about building a blog for about 2-3 years, before I finally created one, and I’m very lucky to have such great viewers who support me.

In just five days I got OVER 200 hundred views, and that means a lot to me. So, thank you, all. If you’re reading this, then you are supporting me.





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  1. I really ❤ your blog. It's awesome

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