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Countdown to Summer! :)

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Can you believe it? The year is almost over! 🙂

I, for one, am going to miss school a lot! Yes, you heard me. I enjoy school! Sure, waking up isn’t such fun ( 💤 ) but I’ve gotten used to it. In fact, I look forward for school. See, one thing that I’ve learned is that there is always a time for everything. There was a time, when you were a baby, when you didn’t have a care in the world. Then you started school. Schedules changes, and you learned to jump out of your comfort zone a little bit more. Then, came middle school, where studying was a must. For example, in my school, if you don’t turn in your homework the day it is due, you must visit the principal, and it is considered a ‘Behavioral Issue’.  Then, will come a time where you will ( If you study hard! ) get a job. There will still be work, but it will be more… ‘relaxed’. Then you will retire, and go back to not a care in the world. There is a life cycle. There is a time to make friends at school and there’s a time to study.

I enjoy tests. I know, I sound like a big nerd. That’s because once I get them over with, I get this awesome feeling. Freedom! At last! It’s like the feeling I had yesterday, when I was craving shrimp. I dislike seafood. A lot. So I don’t know why I was craving shrimp. But I tried some yesterday. It was the best! Shrimp is amazing. Yes, I’ve never had shrimp before.

🆕 things should be tried!

Stay Positive!


Just because school is ending, doesn’t mean you have to quit on everything. Like quit using your organizational skills. The end of the year is as important as the start. You want to end perfectly. Also, as much as you want to make new friends during summer and the next year, Don’t Leave Your Old Friends. It’s much better to leave on a happy note, then a low note.

Plan it out!

Plan where you will go for summer. If you’re not going anywhere, it’s still okay! There are many things you can do in summer. How about check out a few things on your bucket list? Try new things!

Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!

Summer is Almost here!



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