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Hey everyone, Happy Late Mothers Day!

So today, I was going to post about a very popular trend. And the reason I’m posting about them RIGHT NOW, in the middle of Spring and 4 weeks away from Summer is because I think this is the best time to wear them. Introducing CONVERSE.

So, I’m going to show you a few outfits to wear them with, and the Pros and Cons, and such. So let’s get started!

First of all, what are Converse? Converse are a very, very, very popular line of sneakers. They are so cute and go with almost everything- I mean, it depends on the color- in your closet. Red, White, Navy Blue and Black go with almost EVERY thing!!!

Here’s a few pictures of them:


  • Converse, Plain White. These can go with ANYTHING. A dress, jeans, shorts, skirts, anything!
  • . Image.
  • Here are Hi-Tops, in the Three Most Popular colors for converses. These can go with a lot of the items in MY closet, and probably yours as well! Chuck Taylors Rock!


  • These are basically like boots. They go with almost everything as well, but something more winter and spring. And it comes in different PRINTS as well. (Cheetah, Leopard, Sequins!)

For some reason, SOME times, they hurt my tiny pinky toe. But that’s only if I wear them too long.

Now, let’s get to the outfits you can wear these with:


  • A cute pair of owl earrings, jeans and a printed over sized sweater with turquoise converse is great for chilling with your friends in Spring.


  • Here is a Causal/Formal look. Which is both Comfy and Dressy. Black converses, and pretty half floral print dress, a black clutch, your hair up in a neat bun or under a fedora.


  • This is a little more Summer Causal Look. It’s fresh and cute! A charm or a heart necklace with a floral tank top, floral print sunglasses to keep the sun away, denim shorts and a pair of slim yellow converse.


  • A perfect outfit for a Spring Stroll in UK. A printed T-Shirt, jeans and a cute bag, grab your converses and you’re on your way!


  • A mint Green Stylish Evening Look! I love this one! A cute mint green shirt and mint green jeans, with a matching pair of converse and a cute multi design purse!


  • A formal look with a yellow purse, a yellow dress with a cute black waist belt and yellow converses!

So enjoy these looks!

Which one was your Favorite? Comment down below!

See you later!!! 🙂




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