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Cooking With Shadow: How to make a Coke Float

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So in case you didn’t know I’m Chef Shadow Sparkle right now! *Puts on chef cap*

Okay! Today this is a perfect drink for summer!( Even though it’s not, summer, it’s pretty hot right now) I call this the ‘Ice Shaker’. So it’s basically a Coke Float, and it’s really easy to make! Let’s get started!


Preparation Time: 2-8 minutes.


First you should gather your ingredients! You will need:

  • Coke (Pepsi or Coca Cola) Basically, any soda will do. (Root beer, Sprite, Fanta, Mountain Dew…)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Ice Cream Scooper
  • Straws
  • Cup or Glass


We all know how much Pepsi is against Coca Cola and how much Coca Cola is against Pepsi. And if you didn’t know, Mike and Ike is now either ‘Ike’ or ‘Mike’!!! OMG, that’s JUST WEIRD!! (I’m Team Ike by the way!) If you want a post about that, you can comment down in comment section below….

Let’s get started!♥

Step 1: First grab a cup or glass. Remember, this drink will be a little fizzy, so you might want to use a longer glass, rather than a plastic cup. Using your ice cream scoop, scoop about 2 scoops in your glass. You can do this recipe in a blender as well, but the mixture will come out more as a yogurt, so I don’t recommend it. (But it’s a fun experiment!)

Coca Cola Glass

Coca Cola Glass

Step 2: Next pour Coke into the glass. It doesn’t matter which soda you use. My  recommended beverages are Coke, Sprite and Root Beer.


Step 3: Put a straw in. You can put a plain straw, or use these really fancy ones you can get at Target, Wall-mart, etc. (No mixing is required!)


Step 4: DONE!!! Enjoy your fizzy, tasty drink!

DSC_0244 If you wish, you can add whipped cream on the top!


Fun Fact: BTW, I tried my first Coke Float at McDonald’s. Yum.


It’s super easy, super quick! Try it out, and tell me how it went down in the comment section below! Try Root beer Float as well, exactly the same process, just different beverage!


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