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🗼Paris, France

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On this page about my Trip to Paris- I am not trying to show-off or brag about anything, as this page was highly requested.  

At the Airport

Just a few minutes till I jump on the plane. Not literally. All I’ve eaten so far is an apple and a packet of Oreos, and I’m starving. I’ve been reading Hunger Games, and let me tell you- it’s awesome. Like seriously. Awesome. Well, I’m heading for the plane.


So, we were going to stop by at Rome, but then we got stuck in Dubai-long story. The flights were delayed and stuff, so we ran non stop to desperately find the gate to the flight for Rome, and we missed it. Seriously. We ran up the stairs, then down, panting we ran up again, straight back to the lobby, then we asked where to go, then ran there but the area was closed and the gates were changing, and oh the hassle. Now we’re waiting for the next flight to Paris, which is direct. We were going to spend some time in Dubai as well, but I guess we’re arriving in Paris earlier.

Since we’re stuck in Dubai right now, we have about 6 hours ahead of us in a plane? The airline we decided to use since we got stuck here was Etihad. I’ve heard it’s pretty good. I don’t really go to the Middle East often, but when I do, I go to Dubai.

basically, I was going to visit Dubai as well to get some shopping done, then visit Rome and then Paris. Oh, well. Paris here I come! And I haven’t even learnt much French yet. Sure I’m taking it next year, but I need it now. The only words I basically know are: Bonjour, toilettes, Va-t’en, ok, oui, non, va me chercher un peu de fromage. If you don’t know what they mean-or are too lazy to search up Google Translate then the English translation is: Hello, Toilet, Go away, okay, yes, no, go get me some cheese. That’s all I need to know, right ?


Me: Bonjour, toilettes, Va-t’en, ok, oui, non, va me chercher un peu de fromage

I mean, I can just say all of them, and she can just assume what I mean. See? It’s easy, really.

Oh, non, I need to learn more, eh?

Anyway, The Hunger Games is getting seriously interesting. In about 35 minutes I’ve reached Part II-The Games when Katniss, Peeta, Rue and the rest risk their lives, and look good doing it. basically that’s the main point: Kill, Die, and make a good show. Page 139. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve watched all the movies, and now I’m reading the books.

I cannot tell a lie (well, I could if I wanted, but my good ‘ol friend George said I shouldn’t) the book seems waaaay more interesting than the series. It’s much more entertaining, because you can understand every dialogue, instead of hearing Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence mumble. (Especially you, J-Law)  Please excuse me if I make grammar/spelling errors, because I’ve been traveling for over 9 hours and it’s currently 5:17 AM in Dubai. Thank you.

Since our flight was 40 minutes delayed and we missed our flight to Rome, we got coupons for free meals. So we just had Burger King and stuff, and now we’re heading to the lounge.


I know I haven’t posted in forever & excuse me if I make a few mistakes. My computer broke down and In writing on a french keyboard.

Tell you everything later on my iPhone. I will even post some real life pictures.


Sorry I didn’t update.

So on my first day we visited Champs-Élysées. There are some very cool shops there like H&M and such. I loved shopping there! Our first flight to Paris (connection flight) was delayed so we missed the next one and got put on the next one. When we arrived in Paris, our luggage didn’t arrive with us! The airline lost it. All we had was our electronics that we put in a separate bag and wallets and stuff of course, but all our clothes and chargers were in the luggage so we had to buy clothes and chargers.

Paris, as you know is very expensive.

Anyway, then we visited Disneyland for 3 days! It was amazing! One thing about me is that I love all crazy roller coasters especially if they go upside down. I liked Rock ‘in Roller-coaster, Space Mountain Mission 2 (something like that) and then also The Twilight Zone which is a ride where you sit and drop faster then the speed of gravity. I like being up in the air XD

Then we visited the Louvre and I saw Mona Lisa, but it was very crowded there so I had to try to escape through like a million people. Then we visted the Eiffel Tower and I bought little miniature Eiffel Tower Replicas for my friends. SO that’s it! 10 days in Paris!


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