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🎨 Art 🎨

This page is all about-you guessed it! Art.

Note: Everything in blue is what the internet and Wikipedia have to say.


Let’s cover a few things about it:

What is art?

Wikipedia says: Art is an activity or creation by people, that has importance because of an attraction to the human senses. Art is made when a human expresses himself or herself. Some art is useful in a practical sense, such as a sculptured clay bowl that one can put things in. Many people disagree on how to define art. Many people say people are driven to make art due to their inner creativity. Art includes drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, performance art, dance, music, poetry, prose and theatre.

I say:Art is a way to express creativity. And as the saying goes, one picture is worth a thousand words. What may look like a blob to you, could be someone else’s butterfly.

1) The expression of creative skill in a visual form.
2) Creative activities such as drawing, music and drama.
3) A skill.

Those are three points to describe art. Art is telling a story. Expressing your emotions. Basically, in just three words, Creativity, Expressions and Interpretation.

What are different types of art?

Wikipedia says: Art is divided into the plastic arts, where something is made, and the performing arts, where something is done by humans in action. The other division is between pure arts, done for themselves, and practical arts, done for a practical purpose, but with artistic content.  So basically, the three Ps. Plastic, Performing and Practical.

  • Plastic arts
    • Fine art is expression by making something beautiful or appealing to the emotions by visual means: drawing, painting, printmaking sculpture
    • Literature: poetry, creative writing
  • Performing arts
    • Performing Art including drama are (expression using the body: dance, acting, singing
    • Auditory art (expression by making sounds): music, singing
  • Practical arts
    • Culinary art (expression by making flavors and tastes): cooking
    • The practical Arts (expression by making things and structures: architecture, filming, fashion, photography, video games.

I like all art.


A lot of people say ‘I’m bad at drawing’ or ‘I’m terrible art’ or ‘Nah, I can’t do it.’ Well, what may look hideous to YOU may look better to others, and that’s the truth.

This is probably very cheesy, but Art is all around us. The flowers? That’s nature’s art. Paintings? That’s our art. Art is everywhere. Even writing is art, because no one has the exact same handwriting.

Art is being unique and wacky. Art is, maybe taking someone else’s creation-but making it different, unique and better.

Art is being you.

This is art. It's a beautiful design.

This is art. It’s a beautiful design.

Creating different outifts? That's art!

Creating different outifts? That’s art!

Chevron nails!! That's defiantly art! Your nails are your canvas too!

Chevron nails!! That’s defiantly art! Your nails are your canvas too!





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  1. Could you post some of your art? ^-^

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